Charlie's Chalk Dust

Published : 2018-11-02 13:39:08
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F&S E-Cig stock a wide range of e liquids by leading brands including Charlie’s Chalk Dust. This brand of e-liquids, concocted and bottled in the USA is popular among our regular customers, bringing as they do a whole range of exciting new flavours to the British vaping scene.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

Wonder Worm

This e-liquid is a fizzy, fruity number, redolent with the sweet candy goodness of gummy worms. Available in 50ml nicotine-free short fill bottles.

Big Belly Jelly

Sticking with the sweet theme, this 50ml short fill bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid fills your mouth and nose with the taste of jelly beans – specifically blueberry and watermelon flavour. A less zesty blend than the wonder worm, this concoction is fresh and bouncy on the nose.

Mustache Milk

One of the more unusual flavours on offer from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is Mustache Milk. Still sweet, with tones of apple and cinnamon, it has the savoury aroma and taste of a breakfast cereal, soaked in milk. Much more pleasant than it sounds, we currently stock this e-liquid in a 50ml short fill bottle.

Honey Badger

This delicate e-liquid blend is a more classic mix, being honey brushed tobacco blended with cream. Available in 50ml bottles, the Honey Badger mix gives you that natural tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness that doesn’t threaten to overpower.

The complete range of Charlie’s Chalk Dust products is available to buy now from our online store, or you can pop into any of our five shops across Central London, where a member of staff will be happy to offer any advice.

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