Decoded E-liquid now available at F&S E-Cigs

Published : 09/26/2016 09:36:54

There is a new e-liquid on the block that originated from Canada with flavours that will whisk you away to foreign climes. Decoded e-liquid have come up with some truly delicious flavours to enhance your vaping experience:

Davinci Code

A luxurious classic dessert that gives you the flavours of a creamy crème brulee with buttery pecan nuts.


Be transported to an exotic island with flavours of pineapple, blueberry and delicious guava.

Area 51

Allow yourself to be whisked away on a tropical experience with mango, lychee and papaya flavours.

Big foot

Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge yourself in the delicious flavour of soft mini doughnuts that have been dusted with sugar.


Wander around the highlands of Scotland with the fruity flavours of peaches, cream and yoghurt.


Delight in this summer flavour of strawberry, cucumber and citrus whilst basking in the summer sun.

The good news is that you dont need to go trekking, or get on an airplane to get your hands on these wonderful e liquids. Our e-cig shop in Central London stocks all of the flavours so be sure to pay us a visit and or go to our online store to stock up on your favourite flavours. Even better is the fact that Decoded e-liquid is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg so you can use them with more powerful mods or use them to reduce your nicotine intake.

Decoded is made by Premium Liquid Labs Inc. which was founded in 2014 in Canada with the mission to create unique new premium blends. The founder Samuel Boucher found that he had a talent for creating innovative blends of e-liquid and swiftly became passionate about producing some of the best e-liquid in the world. Even today all of the e-liquids are made personally by Sam and his company has won several industry awards.

F&S are proud to stock the range of Decoded e-liquid and we look forward to seeing what other flavours the company might produce in the future.

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