JUUL Starter Kit and Pods Now Available at F&S Vape Shop

Published : 2018-09-04 08:53:40
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F&S are pleased to announce that we now stock JUUL starter kits and their associated JUUL pods.

What is JUUL?

JUUL is a UK based company dedicated to the creation of satisfying cigarette and smoking alternatives. Not satisfied with the current range of vaping devices on the market, they utilised their background in design and engineering to come with something altogether different.

What is a JUUL pen?

The JUUL pen is a vapouriser designed for ease-of-use and functionality, as a new alternative to cigarettes. The main body of the pen includes a durable battery which can be recharged via a magnetic charger unit hooked up to a USB port. Average charge times are reported as being around an hour. It also includes a temperature regulator, as well as a series of sensors that can tell when you are using the device. The rest of what we might consider a “regular” vaping pen are housed in the device’s proprietary JUUL pods.

What are JUUL pods?

The JUUL pods incorporate the device’s e-liquid, atomiser, and mouthpiece, and are clicked into the top of the device. The e-liquid contains nicotine salts (the companies own blend, known as JUUL salts), and the pods themselves have their own atomiser coil, meaning that you have a fresh one each time you replace the JUUL pod.

What’s in the JUUL Starter Kit?

The JUUL starter kit contains everything you need to try out this new piece of vaping kit. You get the device itself, of course, as well as a USB charger, and four JUUL pods to get you started.

What JUUL pods are on offer?

JUUL pods currently come in packs of four, in the following flavours: Apple Orchard, Glacier Mint, Golden Tobacco, Mango Nectar, and Royal Creme, all of which are available now from F&S.

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JUUL pens, JUUL starter kits, and JUUL pods are all available from our London Vape Shops. With everything you need to start with one of these stylish new vaping devices, you need look no further than F&S.

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