New UK Laws On E-Liquids From May 19th 2017

Published : 2017-05-02 13:38:08
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As of May 19th 2017, new laws in the UK will affect sales of e-liquids. The new laws specifically relate to individual bottles sizes and nicotine strength, both of which will be restricted under the new legislation.

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is designed to ensure quality and safety standards for e-cigarettes, e-liquids and related products. Some of the main changes to the law as a result of the new directive include:

  • - Vaping tanks cannot exceed 2ml in capacity

  • - E-liquid refills cannot be sold in containers larger than 10ml

  • - The nicotine strength of any e-liquid must be a maximum of 20mg/ml

In addition, the TPD includes specific requirements and restrictions regarding packaging, such as making all products containing nicotine adequately child-proof, and appropriate safety warnings being added to labels. Certain potentially harmful ingredients are also now banned from e-liquids.

As a result of the changes, some of our products will need to be discontinued as of May 19th 2017. This is the legal cut-off for any nicotine liquids over 20mg/ml, refills over 10ml and tanks over 2ml to be sold.

After this date, we will continue to offer a wide range of products for vaping fans, but it is inevitable that a few popular products will no longer be available. In these cases, we are currently working with manufacturers to source TPD-compliant alternatives.

If you’re concerned that the new laws may interfere with your plans, you might want to look at mixing your own DIY e-liquids as an alternative solution. You can opt for e-liquid flavour concentrates and add these to liquid nicotine yourself, or if you want the flavour without the nicotine, you can use a zero-nicotine alternative which will be unaffected by the new laws and remain available in larger quantities.

If you’re not sure how the new law will affect your buying decisions, please feel free to contact us or pop into one of our shops located around London. Our team will be more than happy to point you in the right direction either way.

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