Should I buy a rebuildable tank?

Published : 2019-01-03 12:52:22
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As many dedicated vapers will tell you, the pleasure of vaping comes as much from the equipment as from the e-liquid it contains. While you might start off with a simple e-cig or a cheaper vaping device, just to see what all the fuss is about, sooner or later you’ll want to try your hand at a rebuildable tank atomiser.

What is a rebuildable tank atomiser?

Simply put, it is an atomiser that uses hand-made wicks and coils – a DIY vaper, if you will. They tend to be more efficient in terms of vapourising than many commercial models, and can be altered or adapted to meet your own requirements.

Rebuildable atomisers come in two main varieties: RTAs and RDAs.

What is an RTA?

An RTA (or rebuildable tank atomiser) consists of a rebuilding deck, comprising two posts with juice channels and a chimney for the atomised vapour to come through, all surrounded by your tank section, which holds the e-liquid. You suck on your atomiser before firing the coil, in order to build up air pressure in the tank. Once you fire the coil, e-liquid is drawn up the juice channels and onto the wick.

What is an RDA?

An RDA (or rebuildable dripping atomiser) is much the same, but, rather than having a chimney and juice channels for your e-liquid, you’re required to drip juice onto the wick at regular intervals to keep your flow of flavour going. While this certainly puts some people off, there’s no doubting the increase in flavour intensity using an RDA.

Why should I buy a rebuildable tank?

Because you can customise your vaping experience to suit you. Everything from coil resistance to airflow and wicking material is in your hands. Flavour intensity and cloud production are both increased and, compared to replacement coil assemblies, a rebuildable tank is much more cost effective.


Before getting started with a rebuildable tank, you should familiarise yourself with Ohm's law. As you will need to determine the correct power levels, it is an essential step for guaranteeing your safety.

At F&S E-Cigs, we have all the parts required for using a rebuildable tank including RTAs, cotton wire and coil building tools, and premade coils; available to order from our online store, or you can visit one of our Central London vape shops and ask our friendly staff for their advice.

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