Suicide Bunny Premium E-liquid at F&S E-Cigs UK

Published : 08/17/2016 09:53:13

Suicide Bunny e-cig liquids have become one of the most sought-after brands for connoisseurs in just a few short years. Before making it to the shelves of our humble vape shop in central London, the brand was created across the pond by Pip Gresham, also known as the Suicide Bunny. She developed a signature range of just five flavours, each completely unique and offering a tasting experience like no other.

Pip originally created her brand of e-cig liquids in 2013, working alone with a particularly motivated attitude. She took an interest in the market for vaping because her husband was a heavy smoker at the time, and she was concerned about finding something to help him quit. The couple found that e-liquids on the market at the time didn’t cut it for them, so Pip decided to create her own brand. Thanks to her drive and creativity, she struck gold with her product and soon developed it into a professional commercial range, resulting in the Suicide Bunny brand we know today.

Using exclusively high quality ingredients sourced in the USA, Suicide Bunny e-liquids are highly rated for their purity and the level of quality control that goes into producing them, despite what you might expect from the story of their homemade origins. As a result, the flavours are known for being extremely delicate and refined. The O.B. or Original Bunny e-cig liquid is one of our most popular, featuring a rich combination of sophisticated tastes that may seem different to each person each time they try it! It’s instantly recognisable from the bottle thanks to its distinctive label featuring a tattooed, gangster incarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

The full range of Suicide Bunny flavours on our online vape shop includes Derailed, Mother’s Milk, Madrina and Sucker Punch. Each distinct edition blends various fruity, creamy flavours to different effect, so we recommend trying them all at some stage! You can buy Suicide Bunny e-cig liquids in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength levels from our online store.

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