The Essential Ingredients & Equipment for Mixing Your Own E Liquid

Published : 2018-06-04 08:58:00
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Making your own DIY e-liquid is a popular pastime among many vapers and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you get your own unique blend of flavours at a fraction of the cost of commercial e-liquids, but you also get to control the ingredients and nicotine strength of your mix, so it’s just right for you.

Making your own e-liquid

There are four main things you need to purchase when putting together your bespoke blend for vaping: these are bases, flavours, nicotine and bottles.

E-liquid bases

The unflavoured e-liquid base is made up of two ingredients: PG (or propylene glycol) and/or VG (or, vegetable glycerine). These, combined with a nicotine shot, are the fundamental building blocks of e-liquids. We supply a number of e-liquid base options, so you can create your own perfect ratio. All of our pre-mixed bases come with nicotine shots (if required); just choose your required mg and we’ll supply the nicotine to mix your liquid to that strength.

E-liquid flavour concentrates

These bottles of flavour will ultimately determine what your e-liquid is going to taste like. We have hundreds of different flavours to suit every palate, including unique tastes and vaper favourites from top brands like Capella, TFA, Flavour Art and Flavor West, among many others.

This is the fun part. Whether you’re following a recipe or just experimenting, it’s the mixing of different flavour concentrates that will help you come up with something truly original to you.


As stated above, all of our bases are supplied with nicotine shots (if required). Sometimes, though, you want a mix with a bit more of a pep to it, which is where nic salts come into the equation. At F&S E-Cigs, we stock nic salt shots by Zap! and Element NS20.


With a number of dropper and mixing bottles on offer from 10ml to 120ml, you’ll be able to find the right solution, no matter how much e-liquid you’re making.

Check out our full range of bases, flavour concentrates, nicotine shots and nic salts, and order online for fast UK delivery. Alternatively, call us on 07592 927485 for expert advice on your DIY e-liquid project.

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