Vampire Vape E Liquid Range Available at F&S E-Cigs

Published : 2017-10-02 11:07:52
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The always popular Vampire Vape e liquid range is one we are proud to stock at F&S E-Cigs. Founded in 2012, they are based in Blackburn, UK and have grown to offer many superb e-liquids for consumers to vape with. Their multi-award-winning e-liquids are some of the most unique, tasty and innovative around. Vampire Vape are continually developing new flavours based on customer feedback to the company as to what they'd like.

One of the most delicious flavours we stock is Bat Juice. With a company name like Vampire Vape, it is no surprise that a lot of their flavour names are riffs on the vampire story. This e-liquid gives a great blast of fruity berries when you first vape it and then comes in with a subtle aniseed kick to give a superb flavour.

A flavour that most vapers love is Heisenberg. This is a fabulous e-liquid for any time during the day and night which makes it ideal for most people. Coming in with a tangy fruit undertone, the fresh minty aftertaste will delight and leave you wanting more. The recipe is top-secret but you don't need to know it to enjoy it!

For lovers of fruit flavoured vapes, the Pinkman may be the best choice for you. It has an explosion of fresh fruit and berries when you first inhale and gives a fantastic vaping experience. The way this explodes on your taste-buds will leave you wondering why you have never tried it before.

A popular flavour within our Vampire Vapes range is the Funky Monkey. As you would expect, this one has elements of banana in it along with chocolate for a pleasant sweet hit. There is also an aniseed taste in there too, which gives an extra layer to the flavour profile. Overall, this is an unusual e-liquid but one that you will love once you have tried it.

All the Vampire Vape e-liquids F&S E-Cigs stock are available to order online or purchase in person from any of our four Central London vape shops. Pick one up today and transform your vaping experience forever.

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