What are nic salts?

Published : 2018-05-02 14:21:12
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You’ve likely heard a bit about nicotine salts (or nic salts, for short) lately, but are still wondering just what they are.

Here’s a brief guide for you:

Currently popular in the States, nic salts are a more effective method of nicotine absorption than the more common freebase nicotine most of us incorporate into our e-liquids. They are derived from tobacco’s naturally occurring nicotine salts and offer a stronger and swifter hit than freebase nicotine which uses ammonia to stabilise the nicotine extracted in this manner. It is the ammonia that produces that harshness in the back of the throat that often comes from freebase nicotine products.

Because nic salts are a purer form of nicotine, they not only deliver a noticeable hit compared to most vaping solutions but they also produce a draw that is surprisingly smooth. The almost instantaneous nicotine hit reduces the amount of e-liquid you need to intake before satisfying your nicotine craving, thus limiting your consumption throughout the day, and producing a more satisfying vaping experience.

Try it yourself

Being at the cutting edge of vaping technology, as ever, F&S have a number of nic salt products available for purchase which you can include in your own DIY e-liquids.

Why not try adding a nic salt shot to your shortfill e-liquids for instance? We have shots by Element NS20 (a 20mg bottle with a 65VG mix), and ZAP! (an 18mg bottle with a 70VG mix) available. These flavourless nic salt shots can be incorporated directly into your liquid, providing a greater nicotine hit, while scaling back the harshness and subsequent throat hit.

We also stock our own bespoke Premixed E-Liquid Bases that are supplied with nic salt shots. This product forms the basis of your own DIY e-liquid and can be tailored to suit your own requirements for nicotine strength, whilst still reducing throat hit to a minimum – ideal if your current mix is too harsh.

Nic salt shots are available to order online for fast UK delivery; alternatively, pop into one of our 4 Central London vape shops where our helpful team will be able to assist you.

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