What is a pod system?

Published : 2018-07-05 - Categories : All Articles

When any new technology is introduced, the pattern is always the same. They start off getting bigger and bigger, as more accessories and modifications are attached to the device. Then, at some indeterminable point, the tech starts to catch up with the specifications and things start getting smaller and more streamlined.

Vaping is no exception.

Introducing the pod system

Pod systems are the cause of this downsizing of the traditional vaping kit. Rather than the cumbersome tanks and atomisers currently in use, pods are small-capacity storage units (usually holding 1-2 ml) that are pushed into your vaping device and then pulled out once empty, or if you fancy a change.

Small and simple

As mentioned, pod systems tend to be smaller than traditional vaping mods, with both a smaller capacity for liquid, and a less powerful battery. What you lose in size and battery life, you make up for in convenience and ease-of-use. Most pods are operated automatically, simply inhaling through the tip as you would a cigarette, though some include buttons, much like traditional vape pens.

Open or closed

Pods come in open or closed varieties. Closed pods come pre-loaded with e liquid and are not refillable, while open pods are essentially a smaller version of the tanks most vapers already use.

High strength, and high performance

Because pod systems produce less vapour, it is advisable to use a juice with a higher nicotine content, in order to get that hit you’re after. Nic salts are particularly recommended for this, as they keep the pH levels of your juice low, taking the harsh edge off the liquid for a smoother, yet more potent vaping experience.

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