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Lazy high VG e-liquid

Lazy High VG E-liquid is an exclusive range suited to DL (direct-lung) pens and kits. It’s perfect for customers who prefer a smooth throat hit and great clouds. Compared to the normal lazy e-liquid range which contains 30 or 50% VG, the high VG range contains 70%.

Our online store and F&S Central London vape shops stock this premium quality high VG e-liquid. Our customers will be pleased to know that all products are manufactured and produced locally within the EU region, ensuring that we comply with all regulations and supply products at the highest quality.

The compact 10ml bottles are available with either 3mg or 6mg nicotine to cater to different strength requirements. The bottle size makes it convenient for vapers to carry at all times, so that they are a reach away from a perfect vape.

With over 30 flavours in the range, there are plenty of flavours to try on your next purchase. Choose from a wide variety of menthol, fruit, tobacco, dessert, and beverage flavours.

If you prefer to keep your vape to traditional tobacco flavours, customer favourites include RY4 tobacco and USA mix tobacco. For vapers with a sweet tooth, we recommend toffee caramel fudge, chocolate caramel, or vanilla custard. Our best selling fruit flavours include cherry, banana, and strawberry.

All Lazy High VG e-liquids are supplied in squeezy bottles with thin drippers for easy filling and sealed with tamper-evident seals. Order online today for fast UK delivery.

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