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Decadent Vapours

Decadent Vapours is about as traditional an e-liquid company as you could hope to find in this country. Established in 2009, they were the first producers of vaping juices in the UK and remain an important name in the industry a decade later. Renowned for the high-quality of their ingredients, the excellence of their finished product, and the smooth, flavourful draw it creates, Decadent Vapours are the original British e-liquid manufacturers and remain one of the best.

High quality production

All Decadent Vapours' e-liquids are specially formulated for use in vaping devices, and only use the very finest ingredients in their mixes. They incorporate pharmaceutical grade nicotine that is compliant with all pharmaceutical specifications in both Europe and the US. Their tobacco mixes are all produced and prepared here in the UK in the company’s own laboratory, where the highest standards of hygiene and sterility can be assured and maintained. Their ingredients are all sourced from the EU and are confirmed to be free of DEG, diacetyl, and acetyl propionyl. To ensure this, their production process is strictly batch controlled, allowing every bottle to be traced back to its source for both production and ingredients.

Smooth tobacco flavours

Decadent Vapours' e-liquids are ideal for use with vaping pens, as they contain 50/50 PG and VG in their mix, leading to a smooth draw, and lacking the massive vape cloud common to many tank devices. While they don’t have the extensive range of other manufacturers, what they lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality. Their tobacco flavoured e-liquids are redolent of some of the finest natural tobaccos in the world and the subtle differences between their varieties are a treat to discover, each one producing a fine, rich draw suitable for the beginner or the expert vaper.

Here at F&S E-Cig, we are pleased to stock the Decadent Vapours range of e-liquids and juices. They are available for immediate purchase and delivery to anywhere in the UK from our online store, or you can pop into one of F&S Central London-based vape shops and buy them in person.

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