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Element NS20 | NS10 nic salt e-liquid

Element e-liquid is one of the leading names in the vape world, producing award-winning e-liquids since 2014. The company designs and produces all of their flavours at their facilities in Florida, US, using only the highest quality ingredients.

The NS10 and NS20 series were introduced to combine their best flavours with nic salts, achieving maximum nicotine delivery with minimal hit. Their designer nic salts are mixed to provide a smooth, flavourful vape, making them popular with users that are looking to move away from traditional cigarettes. The F&S vape shop offers the following options:

10ml e-liquids

The NS20 range of pre-mixed e-liquids are available with 10mg or 20mg of nic salts. 65%VG/35%PG, ideal for use with MTL devices.

555 Tobacco - A rich tobacco blend with undertones of hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, caramel, and vanilla.

Candy Punch - A sweet combination of mixed fruit candy, perfect for sunny summer days.

Crema - A delicious dessert flavour inspired by the sweet cream filling of cakes such as eclairs and cake rolls.

Fresh squeeze - Inspired by freshly squeezed oranges, this citrus flavour is sweet and tangy.

Frost - A refreshingly chilled menthol e-liquid, balanced with mildly sweet undertones.

Grape vape - A sweet fruity blend of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes.

Honey roasted tobacco - A luxurious rich tobacco flavour with notes of nutty caramel and velvety vanilla.

Mango passion - A tropical mix of mango and passion fruit with a cool menthol ice finish.

Pink grapefruit & blueberry - A tangy blend of pink grapefruit and blueberry, sweetened with a swirl of cream.

Pink lemonade - A refreshing traditional lemonade flavour, perfectly blended with delicious red fruit.

Strawberry guava - A sweet strawberry and guava inhale with an icy menthol exhale.

Strawberry whip - A mix of sweet strawberries and creamy vanilla, combining to create a delicious shortcake inspired vapour.

Tropical - A fabulously tropical fruit blend of mango, pineapple, and banana, finished with a refreshing menthol ice exhale.

Watermelon chill - A unique combination of refreshing watermelon and cool mint.

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