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Nasty Juice nic salt e-liquid

Nasty Salt is a range of the best and most popular e-liquid flavours by Malaysian brand, Nasty Juice, combined with nic salts. Since December 2015, Nasty Juice has been creating award-winning exotic and fruit flavoured e-liquids that have established a loyal following across Europe and Scandinavia. Dedicated to providing only the highest quality e-liquids, Nasty Juice put all their collections through rigorous testing and are MHRA approved.

The Nasty Salt e-liquid range was developed for people that are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. Nicotine salts are extracted in a purer form, so they are less harsh on the throat; they also provide a better flavour and faster nicotine hit helping to curb cravings. E-liquids in this range are available with a choice of either 10mg or 20mg of nic salts. At F&S Vape Shop, we stock 12 of the best flavours from the Nasty Salt range:

ASAP Grape - One of Nasty Juice's 9 signature flavours, ASAP Grape combines delicious black grapes with mixed berries for a sweet and sour hit.

Bad Blood - Another of their signature flavours, Bad Blood combines sweet, ripened blackcurrants with subtle hints of low mint.

Bloody Berry - sweet raspberries mixed with zesty lemon make juicy, sweet, and sour raspberry lemonade.

Bronze Blend - Bronze Blend is the ideal choice for anyone transitioning from smoking to vaping. Classic tobacco blends with smooth caramel for a comforting vape.

Cush Man - Cush Man is a blend of layered mango flavours finished with a low mint infusion.

Cushman Banana - Cushman Banana is a combination of juicy mangoes and sweet, ripe bananas with a bunch of freshly-picked mint.

Devil Teeth - Devil Teeth features sweet and crisp honeydew melons with subtle cooling mint sensation.

Double Apple - Double Apple is a fun and fruity blend of sweet red apples and sour green apples that combine for a fresh-tasting, balanced vape.

Fat Boy - Fat Boy is a delicate and sweet blend of green mangos with fresh mint undertone.

Grape Raspberry - Ripe juicy grapes are blended with sweet raspberries for a complex flavour profile in every vape.

Green Ape - sweet, tangy and sour green apples with a bit of mint.

Green Grape - Green grape is a single flavour e-liquid that focuses on providing an outstanding vape experience. Crisp, rich green grapes provide a sweet flavour with bitter undertones.

Hippie Trail - Hippie Trail is a refreshing blend of lemon and lime combined with sweet citrus notes.

Menthol - cool and icy blend featuring refreshing menthol and mint.

Sicko Blue - A fabulous berry flavoured e-liquid, Sicko Blue is a blend of tangy blue raspberries and sweet ripe berries.

Silver Blend - Silver Blend is a popular, rich tobacco blend that finishes with subtle hints of sweet vanilla custard.

Slow Blow - Slow Blow is one of Nasty Juice's best-received flavours having won awards in more than 10 countries. Deliciously sweet, Slow Blow combines juicy pineapple with lime soda and hints of low mint to create one of the best vapes around.

Stargazing - Stargazing features a flavour of sweet and ripe blueberries with low mint undertone.

Trap Queen - Trap Queen is a beautifully delicate blend of sweet ripe strawberries and hints of low mint that combine for the perfect Summer vape.

Wicked Haze - Wicked Haze is a sweet blend of juicy blackcurrants and freshly squeezed lemonade, with a hint of mint.

The Nasty Salt range is available in 10ml bottles and is mixed to a 50% PG/50% VG ratio making it suitable for use with low-wattage devices and pod systems. All e-liquids created by Nasty Juice are manufactured to BRC standards in an ISO class 8 certified clean-room. E-liquids are provided in chubby gorilla bottles for easy filling and secured with childproof lids and tamper evident seals.

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