Beard X Series short fill e-liquid

The Beard X Series is a range of high-quality short fill e-liquids, designed and mixed by the Beard Vape Co. The brand is known for their unusual flavour combinations that have earned them the top spot on many users rating lists. Their skilled mixologists have devised some of the best tobacco, dessert, confectionary, and fruit flavoured e-liquids available on the market today. F&S Vape Shop stock 7 great flavours from the Beard X Series:

No. 00 - A tobacco blend with a twist! No. 00 has a robust flavour with tones of smooth caramel and rich cream on the inhale, followed by a bold cappuccino exhale that ties everything together for a layered vape.

No. 05 - A fruit dessert inspired e-liquid, no. 05 has flavours of rich, indulgent strawberry cheesecake. With buttery biscuit base tones blended with cream and ripe, juicy strawberries, this is sure to become your new favourite treat.

No. 24 - A unique confectionery inspired e-liquid, no. 24 combines the flavours of sweet caramel and soothing malted barley for a distinctive blend.

No. 32 - Another fabulous dessert inspired e-liquid from the Beard X Series, No. 32 is inspired by the American cinnamon funnel cake. The sweet cake base combines with spiced cinnamon for a layered flavour.

No. 51 - Simple yet stunning, No. 51 is a creamy, sweet vanilla custard inspired e-liquid.

No. 64 - Another distinctive e-liquid blend, No. 64 combines hibiscus notes with sweet candy floss for a sweet, contrasting flavour.

No. 71 - A bold, fruity vape, No. 71 combines sweet juicy peaches with tart candied pear for a unique flavour combination.

Beard X Series short fills contain 0mg of nicotine and are blended to 80% VG/20% PG, making them suitable for use with sub-ohm vaping devices. All short fill e-liquids in the Beard X Series contain 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, leaving space for 1 x 10ml shot. So as not to overpower the flavour, it is recommended that you mix it with either an 18mg nicotine shot or nic salt to create a 3mg e-liquid. Made in the USA in an ISO 7 certified cleanroom. Provided in a recyclable bottle with a child-resistant lid and tamper evident seal.

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