IQOS is an innovative product that uses real tobacco to provide a more authentic flavour whilst removing the harmful chemicals that are released through burning. The IQOS electronic cigarette uses advanced technology to heat the tobacco, releasing only the true flavour without the additional ash and smoke. In addition, IQOS offers a whole host of other benefits to ex-smokers, these include:

Improved air quality: In independent tests conducted in accordance with international standards, IQOS was found to have no effect on indoor air quality. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone attempting to reduce passive smoking risks for those around them. As IQOS doesn't burn tobacco, only a small amount of vapour is released, so the smell created by the device is minimal.

Advanced technology: The IQOS device has taken over 10 years to develop. The patented IQOS HeatControl™ Technology heats a tobacco stick called a HEET to just the right temperature for around 14 puffs, slightly higher than the average number of puffs in a traditional cigarette.

Convenience: The IQOS kit is provided with a pocket charger, a plastic charging case that keeps everything contained whilst keeping the power at the optimum levels.

Cost effective: Each pack contains 20 HEETS. At just £5 per pack, they are a more cost-effective solution coming in around half the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Variety: HEETS are available in a range of 8 tobacco flavours allowing you to choose the right tobacco blend for your personal taste.

The IQOS starter kit is easy to use. Simply charge your device, insert the HEET stick tobacco end first into the holder to the silver line and it's ready to use. Press the activation button to heat the tobacco and inhale through the tip as you would a regular cigarette. When you've finished, remove the stick, and dispose of it. The IQOS device cannot be used with regular cigarettes and HEET sticks cannot be smoked without the device.

10.4 million smokers have already switched to IQOS as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, why not join them? Buy the IQOS 3 Duo Kit and HEETS online at F&S Vape Shop today for fast UK delivery. Qualifying orders over £25 also include free delivery.

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