• Accessories

    Here you will find e-cig accessories like carry cases and lanyards for your electronic cigarette. Carry cases are not only used to store your e-cig, but also to protect it from damage or accidental button pressing, if carrying in pocket or purse. Lanyards are also popular for carrying your electronic cigarette.

  • Batteries
  • Chargers

    Chargers for electronic cigarettes and for Li-ion batteries. Different chargers for various e-cigs can be purchased on this page.

  • Vape coils

    Vape coils (or atomisers) are an essential part of any pen or mod. A coil consists of a wick or cotton that absorbs the e-liquid in your tank and draws it through the heated coil to create the vapour that is inhaled. Coils are one of three main parts that make up an electronic cigarette, the others being the battery and tank.

    Which vape coils do I need?

    Each brand of vape kit or tank will generally have a specific range of coils to match, so you need to ensure you are choosing the correct ones to fit your device. You won't be able to use a coil from one brand in another brand's device or tank (e.g., you can't use SMOK coils in an Aspire tank). Some brands do, however, create coils that can be used across multiple models of their own devices.

    Usually you can find the correct vape coils by matching the names of the product, for example, the Aspire Athos Coils can be used with the Aspire Athos Vape Tank. When shopping at F&S Vape Shop, you can easily identify which coil you need by finding the vape tank on our website and scrolling down to the 'you might also like' section.

    How to choose the correct resistance for your vape coils

    Coil resistance ranges from 0.15 to 3.0 ohms and is split into two types, sub-ohm and higher resistance. Sub ohm vape coils run below 1 ohm and are designed for use with high-VG e-liquids making them suitable for direct to lung vaping. Providing lower resistance and higher temperatures, sub-ohm devices burn e-liquid faster for thicker clouds and a more flavoursome vape.

    Higher resistance vape coils run above 1 ohm and are designed for use at lower temperatures. Preferred by new vapers, they burn e-liquid more slowly making them perfect for mouth to lung vaping, creating a vape that is more similar to smoking a traditional cigarette.

    How often should vape coils be changed?

    Based on 500 puffs a day usage, it is calculated that you will usually need to replace your vape coils every two weeks. If you prime your coils and use them correctly, you can extend the time between changes - you can find more information on vape coil care here.

    Buy vape coils at F&S Vape Shop

    F&S Vape Shop stock a wide variety of vape coils that are compatible with all leading tank brands including Aspire, Innokin, Smok, Eleaf, and Uwell. Browse the full range below and order online for fast UK delivery.

  • Cotton Wire & Coil...

    Here you will find RDA and RDTA coil building products.

  • Vape Mods

    Vape mods (also known as regulated box mods or APVs/advanced personal vaporisers), combine advanced technology with a convenient design to provide a superior vaping experience. Purchasing a mod rather than a vape starter kit allows you to fully customise your experience by mixing and matching vape tanks, RDAs, and RTAs to suit your individual requirements.

    The vape mods in our range feature 510 connectors, making them compatible with almost all popular vape tanks. When partnered with high VG e-liquids, vape mods produce exceptional clouds with lower battery usage.

    At F&S Vape Shop, we stock a wide selection of vape mods by the leading names in the industry including Aspire, SMOK, Eleaf, and Voopoo. We carefully select and source all products directly from the manufacturers and authorised distributors, so you are guaranteed only the highest quality vaping devices.

    Vape mods are ideal for intermediate and experienced vapers as they feature a host of user settings that can be adjusted for the perfect vape. From variable wattage and voltage for better cloud and flavour production to temperature controls that help you avoid burnt coils, and safety features such as short circuit, over discharge, overheat and reverse battery protection, these devices truly offer outstanding value for money.

    Our range includes vape mods to suit all requirements, experience levels, and budgets. Starting at just £29.99, you can choose between models with manual and automatically adjusting settings, as well as mods with built in and external batteries.

    Vape mods are generally powered by 18650 mAh batteries, however, higher and lower powered options are also available. Depending on the device, they may operate with up to four batteries. Due to the higher power provided by these batteries, their operation time tends to be longer than regular starter kits and pens, and flavour and cloud production is greater.

    Buy Vape Mods at F&S Vape Shop

    Browse our full range of vape mods below and buy online for fast UK delivery. Alternatively, select the click and collect option at the checkout to collect your order from our Central London vape shop.

    f you require assistance with choosing the correct vape mod for your requirements or the best tank for your mod, please feel free to contact us and our experienced team will be happy to help.

  • RDA & RTA pre-made coils

    In this product category you will find pre-made coils for RDA and RTA tanks.

  • Vape tanks

    Vapes tanks (or clearomisers) are the component of a vape pen or mod that contain the e-liquid and a heating element called a coil. Coils are made up of wick or cotton that runs through the centre of a metal wire or mesh. The wick or cotton absorbs the e-liquid in the tank, which is pulled through the wire, the device is then activated, heating the wire and converting the e-liquid into vapour.

    Vape tank parts

    A vape tank generally consists of the following parts:

    • A drip tip or mouthpiece

    • A top cap

    • Glass

    • A coil

    • A base

    The drip tip or mouthpiece is the part of the tank you put in your mouth to inhale the vapour. Some vape tanks have a fixed drip tip or mouth piece that is attached to the top cap, others allow for customisation and feature changeable mouth pieces such as the Aspire Athos or Odan.

    The top cap is the part that you would usually unscrew to fill the vape tank with e-liquid. Occasionally, you will find tanks that fill from the bottom.

    The glass makes up the main body of the tank and houses the e-liquid and coil. Most tanks have fully or partially clear glass so that you can easily view how much e-liquid is left, however, some have this section covered to include additional branding or designs.

    Most vape tanks will use a 510 thread; this is the part of the base that screws into your battery. As this is the most popular type of connection, it will allow for use with a wide range of vaping devices. Unlike the coil for example, which is usually specific to a brand or model, a 510 thread will make your vape tank compatible with pretty much any brand or model, making it quick and easy to switch between devices.

    Sub-Ohm, Higher Resistance, RTAs & RDAs

    There are 4 main types of tanks:

    • Sub-ohm tanks that run below 1 ohm, suitable for direct to lung vaping. These are the most popular tanks, providing a quick and easy option for new and experienced vapers alike.

    • Higher resistance tanks that run above 1 ohm, suitable for mouth to lung vaping. These vape tanks are popular with new vapers and ex-smokers, favoured for their vape style that is closer to traditional cigarette smoking.

    • RDA tanks or rebuildable dripping atomisers that allow more established vapers to build their own coils. RDA's require regular filling as the e-liquid is dripped directly onto the coils instead of being added to a tank.

    • RTA tanks or rebuildable tank atomisers are another type of tank that allows more experienced vapers to build their own coils but with the benefit of adding e-liquid to the tank instead of dripping. RTA's can hold as much as 10ml of juice. RDA's and RTAs are recommended for experienced users only as they can become dangerous if built incorrectly.

    Buy Vape Tanks at F&S Vape Shop

    F&S Vape Shop stock a wide selection of vape tanks from leading brands including Aspire, Innokin, SMOK, and Uwell. Our range also includes pod style tanks for use with devices such as Aspire AVP, Lost Vape Orion Q, SMOK Nord, and Uwell Caliburn. Browse our full range below and order online for fast UK delivery. If you require assistance with choosing the correct vape tank, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  • Tank Replacement Glass

    As you know most of the advanced atomizers have Pyrex Glass tanks. Even though it gives a better flavour for your e-liquid, glass tanks have a big disadvantage - they are very fragile. Probably you had a situation when your tank cracks and if not - you definitely will. Therefore in this section we listed replacement glasses for most popular tank atomizers, so you can purchase them here.

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