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American brand, Flavor West is an unbeatable concentrate to use for you e liquid. With over 200 flavours to choose from on our website, it is impossible not to find a flavour or delicious combination of flavours that you will fall in love with.

Flavor West concentrates are easy to mix, affordable and come in a mind-boggling number of varieties. If you are looking to experiment to find that perfect vape, Flavor West concentrates are the ideal option.


Flavor West concentrates usually contain artificial and natural flavourings, ethanol and propylene glycol, but each flavour may have different ingredients. The only other ingredient you will need to make e liquid is VG/PG mix and nicotine, such as our Nicotine Shot.

These concentrates are usually used at about 15-20% of your e-liquid base, but each flavour's intensity is different. Due to this, we provide recommendations regarding the percentage of concentrate to use. Flavor West flavour concentrates are Diacetyl free.

Available quantities

Many vendors and e liquid brands use Flavour West concentrates to make their e liquids, so you know they are a quality option. They are available in 15ml, 120ml and 500ml sized bottles., this is especially useful for those making small, experimental batches of e liquid as well as those who want to buy to produce larger quantities and need bulk sizes.

The added benefit of Flavour West concentrates over buying 10ml bottles of your favourite e liquids is the reduced cost and extra quantities of juice that can be made from each concentrate alone or as a mix.

Why choose Flavor West Concentrates

It's no surprise that with new laws and regulations surrounding the sale of e liquid and the various components of vaping culture, people have begun to craft their own. This allows people to legally create larger batches of e liquids, rather than being restricted to 10ml bottles in the UK and EU.

When buying DIY e liquid ingredients such as VG/PG nicotine bases, you will also need concentrated flavours to add which create tasty, smooth e liquid. These are used in the same way as you would for adding extra food flavourings when you cook or bake.

It should be noted that Flavor West concentrates are not e liquids and must be diluted with an PG/VG mix or our specially formulated Nicotine Shots.

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