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FA - FlavourArt flavour concentrates in UK

We are a UK seller of FA - FlavourArt concentrates made in Italy. This company supplies concentrates worldwide and produces them according to highest quality standards. FA brand is very popular among DIY vapers and companies which use these concentrates for their e-liquid production. These concentrates are usually used at about 2-3% in your e-liquid base, but each flavour has different characteristics.

FlavourArt flavours: Apple Fuji, Apple Stark, Banana, Bilberry, Black Cherry, Blackcurrant, Catalan Cream, Cherry, Cherry Bee, Citrus Mix, Condensed Milk, Cookie, Cream Fresh, Custard, Custard Pi 3.14, Fig Fresh, Forest Fruits, Lemon Sicily, Lime Cold Pressed, Mad Fruit, Mango, Menthol Arctic, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry Red Touch, Vienna Cream, Vanilla Classic Madagascar, Vanilla Custard, Watermelon.

FA - FlavourArt flavour concentrates in UK

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