Hangsen flavour concentrates for e-liquid in UK

This range of e liquid flavor concentrates consists of variety of different flavors available to order for our UK and abroad customers. The main difference of our flavor concentrates is that they have been specifically designed for use in e liquid production, while a lot of other brands are made to be used only in production of food and are not always suitable for use in atomizers of electronic cigarettes. In order to prepare your own e-liquid, add these hangsen flavour concentrates to our Unflavoured e-liquid base. More drops of these flavourings will increase the strength of flavor in your e liquid. Our concentrates can be blended together, so you will be able to get extraordinary flavors like Chocobanana (chocolate plus banana), Minty Lemon or others. Instructions for use: Add about 8 drops of these concentrates to 10 ml of unflavoured E-liquid Base and shake it. Your newly prepared e-liquid will need some time to ''brew''. You can vape it straight away, but flavor might not be too intense. The process of brewing e-juice is also known as steeping. For best results you should vape your DIY e-liquid after two weeks, but 1 week might be enough too.

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