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JUUL is the US-based development company responsible for the JUUL pen, a unique and innovative cigarette alternative. With a background in the design and engineering sector, JUUL have looked long and hard at current vaping technology and taken a massive leap forward in terms of functionality to produce their new device.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, a set of sensors that can tell when the device is in use, and a temperature regulator to prevent overheating, the JUUL pen is very much at the high-tech end of e-cig products.

How it works

The JUUL pen itself is only half of the equation, being a housing unit for the impressive technology contained within. The rest of the device – the mouthpiece, the atomiser, and the pod of e-liquid we associate with most vape pens – are all part of the company’s revolutionary vape delivery system, the JUUL pod. These click into the top of your JUUL pen, meaning you have a fresh atomiser coil every time you swap pods, ensuring an improved quality of action and draw each time.

JUUL Starter Kits

You can take your first steps into the world of JUUL vaping by investing in one of their starter kits. The compact box contains everything a person needs to make the most of this new technological development. Aside from the JUUL pen and its high-speed USB charger, you also get four of the ever-important JUUL pods, meaning you can get started with your device straight away.

Going further

Once you’ve bought your JUUL starter kit it’s really just beginning. With a range of JUUL pods available exclusively for the JUUL pen that comes in your kit, you’ll be able to find the one you find most pleasing. Currently available in six great flavours – Mango Nectar, Glacier Mint, Menthol, Alpine Berry, Golden Tobacco and Rich Tobacco – JUUL pods are easy to use and replace, and come in handy multi-packs containing four pods apiece.

All JUUL products, including the JUUL starter kits, are available to purchase from F&S Central London-based vape shops. Should you have any further questions, a member of staff will be happy to discuss the product with you in-store.

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