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PAX Mini vaporizer

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Introducing the PAX Mini Vaporizer, the latest addition to the PAX lineup. While PAX has maintained its iconic and functional design over the years, the Mini brings a noticeable design change to the table. Lets explore the features and performance of the PAX Mini, highlighting its unique qualities and comparing it to its predecessor, the PAX 3.

Design and Features

The PAX Mini shares the same diameter and thickness as the PAX 3, but it is slightly shorter, maintaining the sleek and minimalistic design PAX is known for. The vaporizer features a soft matte finish, providing a premium feel. With no visible buttons, the design remains clean and streamlined. The front of the device showcases four petal-shaped LEDs, while the back houses a magnetic charging connector. Two different mouthpieces are included in the kit: a flat mouthpiece that offers better performance and a raised mouthpiece for convenience.

Oven Size

One notable difference between the PAX Mini and the PAX 3 is the oven size. The Mini's oven can accommodate up to a quarter gram of material, making it ideal for solo users. This adjustment addresses the needs of the average user, aligning with popular portable vaporizers on the market.

Performance and Functionality

Operating as a conduction vaporizer, the PAX Mini utilizes heat transfer through contact. It is essential to pack the oven tightly to ensure no material falls out during use. The device features a single heating profile, activated by a click on the mouthpiece. The device reaches the desired temperature within approximately 20 seconds, while heating is indicated by a Purple X. Once ready, it vibrates and displays a Green light. Standby mode conserves the battery power by reducing heat when the vape is idle.

Comparisons and Pricing

When comparing the PAX Mini to the PAX 3, several differences emerge. Alongside the smaller oven size, the Mini is slightly shorter in stature. The PAX 3 offers compatibility with concentrates, while the Mini focuses solely on dry herb use. With one heat setting compared to the PAX 3's four, the Mini's performance is akin to the third setting on the PAX 3, suitable for most users. Significantly, the PAX Mini boasts an entry-level price point of £129, a reduction compared to the PAX 3 at £169.

Purchase Information

You can purchase the PAX Mini Vaporizer on our website or visit one of our stores in London to get your hands on this new addition to the PAX lineup.

Box contents

PAX Mini device, flat and raised mouthpieces, oven lid, wire brush, charge cable, user manual.

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