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PAX Plus vaporizer

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Introducing the Pax Plus, the latest release from Pax, marking their first major release in the last five years. This compact and stylish vaporizer builds on the iconic design that Pax is renowned for, making it a favourite among vape enthusiasts.

Design and Features

The Pax Plus features the same sleek and minimalistic design that has earned Pax its high reputation. With its rounded rectangle shape, magnetic charging connector, and petal-shaped LEDs, the Pax Plus exudes a sense of sophistication. Its compact size, just under 4 inches tall, allows for easy concealment and portability.

Versatile and Cross-Compatible

The Pax Plus offers versatility with its cross-compatibility with the Pax 3 and Pax Mini. The oven lids, mouthpieces, and charging accessories can be interchanged across these devices, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

Optimized Vapor Path and Heating

The Pax Plus ensures a clean and pure vapor experience with its sealed and separated vapor path, made from medical-grade stainless steel. The conduction-based heating system ensures efficient extraction and impressive vapor quality. The device adapts to your vaping style, automatically entering standby mode when not in use to optimize temperature and conserve battery.

Easy to Use and Customize

With a simple press on the mouthpiece, the Pax Plus quickly heats up in just 20 seconds, offering a fast and enjoyable vaping experience. The device offers four activation modes, allowing you to tailor your session to your preferences. From stealth mode with minimized vapor to boost mode for more intense sessions or concentrate use, the Pax Plus provides options to suit your needs.

Impressive Performance

The Pax Plus delivers an improved vapor production and extraction efficiency compared to its predecessor, the Pax 3. It consistently produces rich and flavourful vapor, with a heat-up time that's remarkably quick. The battery life lasts 6-8 sessions on a full charge, making it reliable for on-the-go use.


While the Pax Plus excels in performance and portability, it is important to note that its compact size may cause the device to become warm towards the end of a session. However, by adjusting your grip or reducing the intensity of use, this can be managed effectively.

Purchase Information

The Pax Plus vaporizer is available for purchase on our website or at our stores in London. We offer a range of top-quality dry herb vaporizers to suit your preferences, and we invite you to explore our selection.

Box contents

PAX Plus device, flat and raised mouthpieces, standard oven lid and Half-Pack oven lid, concentrate insert, multi-tool, maintenance kit, charge cable, user manual.

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