Smashberry Hackshot flavour concentrate - Drip Hacks
  • Smashberry Hackshot flavour concentrate - Drip Hacks

Smashberry Hackshot flavour concentrate - Drip Hacks

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Size: 250ml Hackshot (50ml of concentrate)
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Drip Hacks Smashberry Cordial Hackshot features a flavour of fruit cordial blend. Made in the UK, this 250ml bottle contains 50ml of flavour concentrate, leaving you enough space to add nic shots and VG/PG mix.

Mix with F&S E-liquid Base:

You can blend this flavour to your desired nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio easily, by mixing it with F&S E-liquid Base (see related products below).

Simply enter 50ml in the "How many ml of flavour concentrate you will add?" field, specify your desired VG ratio, select your target nicotine strength, set the target size to 240ml, and we will send you the F&S E-liquid Base for your desired specs, so no calculations needed on your side.

Mixing instructions with F&S Custom E-liquid Base: unpack F&S E-liquid Base and pour your Hackshot aroma and nicotine shots received into the main base bottle, then shake it very well. Steep the mixture (let it brew) for the time specified below.

Most popular VG ratios:

50% VG: works well with MTL (mouth-to-lung) vape kits.

70% VG: works well with DTL (direct-to-lung) vape kits.

Suggested mix ratio: 20%

Steeping time: 7 days

Flavour profile: mixed fruits.

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