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IVG concentrates are designed and created by global vape brand IVG (I Vape Great), part of Acme Global. Established in 2016 in the UK, IVG has built a brand that has won over 50 awards and gained a massive fan-base, selling over 30 million bottles in 100 countries.

With a focus on providing high-quality products in flavours that suit all tastes, they have developed an impressive portfolio of flavours across their range.

The addition of IVG concentrates brings their popular flavours to the DIY e-liquid market, allowing vapers to mix their own juice to their required specifications. Also referred to as IVG One Shots, these concentrates are designed to be used as standalone flavours and mixed between 15-20%. They are not designed to be used as supplied and should be mixed with your choice of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine if required.

IVG One Shot Flavours

F&S DIY E-liquid is pleased to offer the full range of 30ml IVG One Shot concentrates which consists of 12 great flavours:

Apple Blackcurrant Slush: A blend of juicy blackcurrants and sweet green apples finished with a cool mint exhale.

Apple Cocktail: A refreshing blend of crisp apples, lime, and cool mint - the perfect Summer vape!

Blackcurrant Lemonade: Fresh tangy lemonade flavours are combined with deliciously sweet blackcurrants for a fabulously fruity vape.

Blue Slush: Inspired by the ever-popular blue slushie, the star of this concentrate is blue raspberry which is finished with a blast of refreshing coolness.

Bubblegum: Inspired by the retro sweetshop favourite, this concentrate blends fruity flavours including banana and cherry for a sweet pink bubblegum taste.

Cola: Based on the popular beverage, this concentrate is the perfect all day vape.

Lemon Lime Mojito: Combining the traditional flavours of a Cuban cocktail, this concentrate blends zingy lemon and lime with white rum and a dash of fresh mint.

Mango: This solo flavoured concentrate makes Alphonso mangoes the star of the show for a tropical vibe that can be used as a standalone flavour or combined with other fruit flavours.

Rainbow: Inspired by the sweetshop favourite, this concentrate lets you taste the rainbow of fruit flavours including strawberries, oranges, and lemons.

Raspberry: Bursting with fresh jammy raspberry flavours, this concentrate is deliciously fruity. Ideal for all day vaping as a standalone flavour or mixed with other flavours.

Sweet Mint: A beautifully sweet peppermint concentrate that provides a minty hit without being too overpowering.

Vanilla Milkshake: A fabulously indulgent flavour that blends creamy milk with sweet, rich French vanilla extract.

All IVG concentrates in this range are suspended in a PG base. Colour variation between different batches is a normal part of the manufacturing process.

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