Nasty Juice flavour concentrates

Nasty Juice is a favourite with vapers across the globe, with an impressive collection of short fills, nic salt e-liquids, and now, their flavour concentrates range.

Designed and manufactured in Malaysia, Nasty Juice is a brand that is focused on creating exciting flavour combinations that are daring and playful. Their attention to detail paired with high-quality ingredients has earned them multiple awards as well as a cult following.

The Nasty Juice flavour concentrates range introduces their exceptional flavours to the DIY e-liquid audience, allowing them to create e-liquids to their own custom requirements by adjusting propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine levels, as well as combining multiple flavours to create their own unique blends. Nasty Juice concentrates are designed for use with an e-liquid base and not intended to be vaped as supplied.

For the best results, it is recommended that Nasty Juice concentrates are mixed at 15-20% and allowed to steep for 1-3 days before use. A longer steeping time will result in a more intense flavour.

Nasty Juice Concentrate Flavours

The Nasty Juice concentrates range includes a great selection of flavours made popular by the short fill and nic salt versions of their e-liquids.

Our range includes 20 great Nasty Juice concentrates including Cush Man and Nasty Ballin flavours. Customer favourites include:

ASAP Grape: ASAP Grape is part of Nasty Juice's signature range and features a blend of crisp black grapes and sweet juicy berries.

Wicked Haze: A fabulous beverage inspired blend that mixes sweet blackcurrants with freshly squeezed lemonade and a twist of mint.

Cush Man: One of Nasty Juice's best-loved flavours, Cush Man is an authentic mango flavoured juice with a hint of low-mint.

Bad Blood: Another flavour from nasty Juice's signature range, Bad Blood mixes sweet blackcurrant with low-mint for a great all day vape.

Slow Blow: The multi-award winning Slow Blow starts with ripe, juicy pineapple and lime soda flavours and finishes with a burst of cooling low-mint.

Nasty Juice concentrates are suspended in PG and available in 30ml bottles.

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