Capella Flavour Concentrates

We are a UK based supplier of Capella concentrates which are made in the USA. Capella concentrates have been widely used in food and drinks production, and have become incredibly popular within the DIY vaping community due to their wide range of flavours and their incredibly easy to mix concentrates.

Capella concentrates will usually make up roughly 5-15% of your e-liquid base but this is heavily dependent on each individual flavour or mixture of different flavours as well as personal preference. The majority of DIY e-liquid creators will blend Capella concentrates with other flavours within the concentrate range, achieving a massive variety of unique recipes.


Capella concentrates contain artificial and natural flavourings, triacetin, alcohol and propylene glycol, however it differs flavour to flavour. The only other ingredients your e liquid needs is VG/PG mix and nicotine, like our own product, Nicotine Shots.


Capella concentrates have an incredibly varied flavour range; from fruits flavours to desserts, creams, tobaccos, mints and menthols to more robust coffees, alcoholic and energy drinks and even baked goods such as French toast, Graham cracker and vegetable flavourings like cucumber! With over 100 different flavours to choose from on our site, and an unknowable combination of concentrate recipes, you really will only be limited by your own taste buds and imagination!

Available quantities

Used in food and drinks production as well as DIY e liquid production, this concentrate is very well-known and trusted. We stock these bottled in 15ml, 120ml and 500ml sizes; useful, not only for making smaller quantities of e liquid but also for manufacturers wishing to produce larger quantities and need bulk sizes. It is very important to be aware that Capella concentrates are not e liquids and to use them for vaping purposes they should be diluted with an appropriate PG/VG mixture.

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