Inawera Concentrates

The Inawera concentrates range is one of the best loved by vapers globally. Designed and manufactured in Poland by Inawera Group, they are specialists in the flavour concentrates market, producing a portfolio that includes tobacco, fruit, beverage, menthol, nut, spice, candy, and desserts.

Inawera flavour concentrates are created using food-grade aromas that have been specially reconstructed to make them suitable for vaping. Many DIY e-liquid enthusiasts consider Inawera's tobacco flavours to some of the most accurate on the market, making them a popular choice.

Inawera Concentrate Flavours

F&S DIY E-liquid is an official reseller of Inawera flavour concentrates in the UK. Our range includes over 70 of their best flavours. Whether you're looking for a bold flavour to create a fabulous top note or a subtle supporting flavour for depth, you'll find everything you need in the Inawera range.

Inawera flavours are extremely concentrated compared to others; in most cases you will only need to add about 1-3% to your unflavoured base. We recommend starting around 3% and adjusting to suit your personal taste. We offer a selection of custom e-liquid bases, premixed to your individual requirements, allowing you to quickly and easily mix your own e liquids.

It is recommended to steep your DIY e liquids for at least one week before vaping to allow the flavours time to develop fully.

Inawera flavour concentrates are suspended in propylene glycol. Due to the manufacturing process, it is normal that there may be some variation in colour between batches.

Inawera concentrates are manufactured to EU standards and do not contain Vitamin E acetate, tocoferyl acetate, tetrahydrocannabiol (THC), pulegone, or cucralose.

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The Inawera concentrates range is an excellent choice for vapers that are looking for great value and lower costs per ml of DIY e-liquid. At just £3.09 per 10ml bottle, you can mix and match your flavours to discover your perfect blend!

Browse our full range of Inawera concentrates and buy online today for fast UK delivery.

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