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F&S DIY E-liquid is a specialist supplier of DIY e-liquid products, allowing our customers to mix the own e-liquids the way they want them. Whether you're mixing your own e-liquids to create custom flavours, tailor your nicotine content to a non-standard percentage, or control the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine ratios to achieve the perfect flavour or cloud production, you'll find everything you need in our online store.

Our unflavoured e-liquid bases are available in 4 options allowing you to select the exact composition to suit your requirements. You can choose from the following:

Premixed e-liquid bases with freebase nicotine

Our premixed e-liquid bases with freebase nicotine include a variety of options to customise your blend. Choose between three bottle sizes, 120ml, 480ml or 960ml, ideal for creating larger batches of vape juice. PG and VG ratios can be selected in increments of 5%, so you can opt for 100% PG, 100% VG, or anything in between! Finally, select your target nicotine strength between 1.5mg - 12mg and we'll provide the nic shots to mix with your e-liquid base.

Premixed e-liquid bases with nic salts

If you're looking for a faster nicotine hit, a smoother draw, and less harshness on the throat, our premixed e-liquid bases with nic salts are the perfect option. Bottle size, PG/VG, and nicotine strength options are the same as our freebase option, however, the inclusion of nic salt shots means they are a better choice for those that are transitioning from cigarettes to vaping and anyone that prefers to use MTL (mouth-to-lung) pod devices and starter kits.

Custom e-liquid bases

Our custom e-liquid bases allow you to fully customise your blend by entering your own requirements for VG percentage and the amount of flavour concentrate you intend to add to the base. Custom e-liquid bases can be supplied with either nic shots or nic salts depending on your vaping style or device type. Bottle sizes and nicotine strength options are the same as the premixed e-liquid bases.

Pure Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, or a PG/VG mix

If you are looking for premixed e-liquid bases without nicotine, our pure vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and PG/VG options are the ideal choice. Available in 480ml, 960ml and 5 litre bottles, they are excellent for mixing large quantities of e-liquids and making your vaping budget go further. The PG/VG mix is available from 5% VG up to 95% VG. The vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol options contain 100% VG or PG.

Buy e-liquid bases at F&S DIY E-liquid

Our range of premixed e-liquid bases take the guesswork out of mixing your own e-liquids. Everything you need is supplied in one easy to use bundle, mixed to your specific requirements, simply add your flavour concentrate (or use as supplied), shake for 60 seconds, and vape - no steeping required!

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