DIY E Liquid Mixing Kits

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of vaping culture is when you get to mix your own e-juice. At F&S E-Cig, we stock an extensive range of DIY e-liquid mixing kits with flavours from some of the industry’s leading brands. These kits contain everything you need to get started, whether you’re new to vaping or an expert.

Everything in one kit

If you want to mix your own e-juice, then you’ll be wanting all the ingredients in a single, easy-to-use package. That’s exactly what you get with our DIY e-liquid mixing kits. We take an all-in-one-box approach to these kits. From your high-quality e-liquid base to most popular flavour concentrates, nic salts and nic shots, everything your need can be found in these kits. What’s more, you can customise the strength with nic shots and nic salts, as well as the PG/VG ratio of your base liquid, ensuring you get a kit that works for you.

Some of vaping’s biggest names

Across our online store you will find ready-mixed e-liquids from some of the biggest and most-respected names in the business. We only ever go for the best, and our DIY e-liquid mixing kits are no different. They include exciting flavour concentrates from such well-known companies as Ruthless, IVG, Dinner Lady, Element, Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice and One Hit Wonder.

A hand-tailored vaping experience

Of course, the key advantage to our DIY e-liquid mixing kits is that you mix your own e-juice – one that meets your own specific requirements. Do you want something a bit stronger on the palette? Do you want something with better cloud production? Maybe you want an e-liquid that packs a potent nicotine punch. With our DIY kits, you can create whatever you want.

All our DIY e-liquid mixing kits are available for immediate purchase from our online store and benefit from fast delivery across the UK.

DIY E Liquid Mixing Kits | DIY Vape Juice Kit

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