E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates

In UK and EU we supply different brands of e-liquid flavour concentrates, so you can choose the ones you like best. These e liquid flavour concentrates are being used to add flavour to your Unflavoured E-liquid Base. Inawera flavours are more concentrated, while F&S ones have more subtle natural flavours. We also stock TFA - The Flavour apprentice, Capella and FW - Flavor West concentrates made in USA as well as FA - Flavourart concentrates made in Italy. Apart from You can control the intensity of individual E-liquid's flavour by adding more flavour concentrate to your Base, or reducing it, depending on your preferences. You can also mix these e liquid flavour concentrates together, in order to get some more advanced flavours like Cocoberry (coconut plus strawberry), Chocogrape (chocolate plus grape) or others. There are no limits there, just dare to experiment and create E-liquid of your dream.

If you try to vape your new-made E-liquid straight away, you will notice, that the flavour is not very intense. This is because your new E-liquid mixture needs some time to ''brew''. Vapers call this process Steeping. The easiest way to Steep your E-liquid is to leave it for at least 1 week (for best results 2 weeks). Also some of the vapers use ultrasonic cleaners too. Supposedly it helps to achieve same results in 1 day.

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Absinthe concentrate TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
Acai concentrate TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG concentrate TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
Almond Amaretto concentrate TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
Almond concentrate TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
Almond flavour concentrate - Inawera
Almond Roca flavour concentrate FW - Flavor West
Alpine Strawberry flavour...
Anise flavour concentrate - Inawera
Apple Blackcurrant Slush flavour concentrate 30ml - IVG
Apple Candy concentrate TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
Apple Cocktail flavour concentrate 30ml - IVG