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As a specialist in DIY e-liquids, F&S Vape Shop stocks everything you need to get started including high-quality flavour concentrates by the leading brands in the industry, pre-mixed e-liquid bases, nic salts and nic shots.

Mixing your own e-liquid flavours is one of the most fun and satisfying parts of vaping. Whether you're trying to emulate one of your favourite pre-mixed e-liquids, improve on something that wasn't quite right, or come up with a unique combination to meet your personal tastes, creating your own juice can be a cost-effective option.

With prices starting at just £1.99 per bottle, you can really make your vaping budget go further. Just one 10ml bottle of concentrate can be mixed to produce multiple bottles of e-liquid, either as a standalone flavour or as part of a mix.

We stock an extensive selection of flavour concentrates to give your e-liquids the best flavour. Concentrates are available in a variety of bottle sizes ranging from 10ml to 50ml. The F&S Vape Shop e-liquid concentrates range includes flavours by brands including:

Capella Concentrates

Capella flavour concentrates are considered by many to be the best in the market. Capella's multi-purpose flavour drops are designed and manufactured in the USA. Suitable for food and beverage use, they use only the highest-quality ingredients.

Charlie's Chalk Dust Concentrates

Charlie's Chalk Dust brings their distinctive fruit, dessert, and confectionary inspired flavours to the concentrates market, allowing you to mix them with your chosen bases as a standalone flavour or combine with other flavour concentrates for a unique blend.

Dinner Lady Concentrates

Dinner Lady is a favourite brand in the vape industry, best known for their range of retro school dessert inspired e-liquids. Their range of vape juice concentrates are designed and mixed in the UK using food-grade flavourings suspended in 100% propylene glycol.

The Flavor Apprentice Concentrates

The Flavor Apprentice is a USA-based company that has developed a range of food-safe concentrates. As a long-term distributor of their products, our range of TFA flavours is amongst the largest available on the UK market. Whatever your flavour preference, you'll find it at F&S Vape Shop.

Flavorah Concentrates

Flavorah concentrates are manufactured in the USA using raw ingredients and are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Used in over 55 countries, their concentrates are used to flavour a wide variety of products.

IVG Concentrates

IVG concentrates are available in a variety of customer favourite flavours suitable for mixing as a standalone vape or in combination with other flavours. With over 50 awards and certifications to their name, this UK-based e-liquid company is leading the market in terms of flavour development.

Zeus Juice Concentrates

Zeus Juice has made an impact on the UK market with their exceptional quality e-liquid flavours and as they prepare for global market domination, the introduction of their flavour concentrates range is set to be just as popular. The stunning flavour profiles of the Zeus Juice concentrates make them suitable for mixing as standalone flavours, however, they can be further enhanced with the addition of other flavours.

Short fill concentrates

Our range also includes short fill Drip Hacks and Flavour Boss concentrates. These concentrates are designed in a similar way to short fill e-liquids as the pre-mixed concentrates are supplied in a 250ml bottle leaving 200ml of space to include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nic salts, nic shots, and other ingredients as required. Whether you prefer to mix for MTL or DTL use, your e-liquid will be ready to vape after just 7 days of steeping.

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