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F&S DIY E-liquid stock a wide range of e-liquid flavour concentrates by The Flavor Apprentice (TFA), one of the USA's biggest concentrate manufacturers. TFA are one of the most popular DIY e-liquid brands amongst the vaping community worldwide.

TFA was founded in 2009 by The Perfumer's Apprentice, who originally offered classes and workshops to learn about perfumery and chemistry. Eventually, they expanded their business to include premium flavouring, suitable for culinary use and vaping.

The Flavor Apprentice now produces a large selection of flavour concentrates that can be blended with e-liquid bases to create your own e-liquid, allowing for plenty of freedom when experimenting with flavour combinations. With so many different flavours to choose from, you can create unique blends to suit your individual taste.

F&S DIY E-liquid recommends customers use their concentrate mix at 10-20% with a pre-mixed e-liquid base to get the best vaping experience. These concentrates are flavourings and shouldn't be vaped without blending with a suitable PG/VG base first.

We sell the flavour concentrates in 120ml bottles and original 4 US fluid ounce bottles (118.29 ml), perfect for mixing large batches of e-liquid. If you want to try different flavours before committing to a large bottle, we also offer 15ml sample bottles for just £2.25.

With almost 300 flavours available to purchase through the F&S DIY E-liquid, The TFA range includes everything you could possibly need to mix your favourite recipes or new creations. Whether you're looking for dessert, fruit, nut, candy, beverage, spice, cereal, tobacco, menthol, or dairy flavours, you'll find them all in the TFA flavor concentrates range.

Among our customer favourite eliquid flavour concentrates are Vanilla Custard V2, Dulce De Leche, Raspberry, Bavarian Cream, Banana Nut Bread, and Cheesecake Graham Crust.

If you're creating a seasonal vape juice, the following flavours are a great choice:

Autumn/Winter - Egg Nog, Gingerbread Cookie, Peppermint V2, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin, Apple Candy, Toasted Marshmallow.

Spring/Summer - Berry Mix, Coconut Extra, Cotton Candy, Dragonfruit, Fruit Smoothie, Nectarine, Pina Colada, Tutti-Frutti Deluxe.

Browse our full range of TFA concentrates below and order online today for fast UK delivery.

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