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    Creating a DIY e-liquid is hugely rewarding and there truly are no limits. Whether you want smooth and smoky, fresh and fruity, or some bizarre flavour combination of your own devising, it can be achieved with our range of unflavoured e liquid bases , e-liquid flavour concentrates, and blending equipment.

    Unflavoured e-liquid bases

    All of our unflavoured e-liquid bases can be customised to meet your own specific requirements. You get to choose your ratio of VG and PG in the base, this determines the amount of vapour your finished e-liquid will produce, as well as the smoothness of the draw.

    Nic shots

    Nicotine shots (or nic shots for short) are added to your unflavoured e-liquid base to give just the right level of potency. These nicotine solutions, as they are also called, are a simple and effective way to get the right nicotine ratio in your DIY juice.

    E-liquid flavour concentrates

    At F&S DIY E-liquid we are proud to stock a very large choice of e-liquid flavour concentrates – all you have to do is pick and mix. Mixing your own DIY e-liquid allows you to follow your own path, be it traditional or totally off-the-wall. To help, we have high-quality flavour concentrates from some of the industry's most respected brands to set you on your way. These include Capella, FlavourArt, Flavor Apprentice, Flavor West, Inawera and Vampire Vape.

    Dropper bottles

    Of course, it doesn’t matter that you’ve created the finest, most intense e liquid of all time if you’ve got nowhere to store it. Once again, we are there for you. We have a range of bottles and droppers available, from small 10ml bottles to larger 120ml bottles. Available in PET and LDPE plastic, they are constructed with safety in mind, so that you get no accidental spillages.

    DIY e-liquid mixing kits

    If you’re just starting to mix your own e-liquids, there’s no better way to get a feel for it than with our DIY e-liquid mixing kits. These handy sets contain everything you need to get started including unflavoured e-liquid base, top brand e-liquid flavour concentrates and your choice of nic shot or nic salt.

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