Vampire Vape flavour concentrates

F&S stock a wide selection of Vampire Vape flavour concentrates. Whilst Vampire Vape is famous for their best selling flavours, Heisenberg concentrate and Pinkman concentrate, we stock more than 30 different flavours for every vaper. Whether you are new to the vaping world, or a more accustomed vaper, make sure to browse through our flavour selections.

Our online store includes classic flavour favourites including Heseinberg, the fan favourite Pinkman, very fruity Blood Sukka, and Ice Menthol flavour concentrates. With so many flavours on offer, you can experiment and try new flavours that you have not tried before. You never know, some of these concentrates might become your new favourite!

These PG based flavour concentrates can only be used in e-liquids. Simply dilute the contents in your base e-liquid to suit your preference and flavour strength. The recommended amount of flavour concentrate use is around 10-20% to cater to different taste levels, this is the concentrate manufacturers suggestion, but you may add less or more flavour to experiment with mild or intense flavour strength.

The bottles are offered in 30ml size, but make sure to take advantage of our bundle deals. Buying three bottles instead of one can save you up to £3.00. We also offer DIY e liquid mixing kits that include flavour concentrates along with our e-liquid base so don’t miss out on our deals.

All flavour selections are made from the best quality ingredients, and the contents are manufactured and produced locally in the UK in clean and hygienic production rooms. All bottles are secured with child safety lids and come with batch numbers and expiry dates to guarantee high quality concentrates.

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