Premixed PG/VG Base Mix
  • Premixed PG/VG Base Mix

Premixed PG/VG Base Mix

VAT included
VG/PG ratio: 50% VG - rest PG (50%)
Size: 480 ml
In Stock

The F&S PG VG mix is a pre-mixed e-liquid base made by using the best quality vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Make sure to choose this pre-mixed base to create your own e-liquids at ease. Add your preferred choice of flavour concentrates, and you are good to go!

Since our pre-mixed base is nicotine-free, there is plenty of room for you to opt-in or out as you wish. If you choose to add nicotine, nic salts, or cooler shots, you can find them in our nic shots section. We also stock an extensive range of flavour concentrates by leading brands.

The ingredients of our PG VG base liquids are of the highest quality. We have sourced directly from the UK to comply with British and European safety standards. All bottles of base liquid in our production and stock are professionally mixed to ensure that product quality is high for every bottle of e-liquid base.

The F&S e-liquid base mix is constantly subjected to product quality control. The production of high-quality PG VG e-liquid base will provide customers with a very clean flavour and perfect taste, as well as giving you more control to create mild, or intense flavours to cater personal taste and preference.

The F&S e-liquid base is unflavoured and nicotine-free with a selection of bottle sizes and PG VG ratios to choose from. The available sizes are 480ml, 960ml and 5L. The 480ml bottle is more suited for new vapers or customers who want to give our e-liquid base a try. The 5L bottle is the best choice with a budget price for customers who are accustomed to making personal e-liquid mixes in large batches.

Going for the 5L size gives customers more space to experiment with their precise PG VG ratios, so that you can explore which level, intensity, and nicotine amounts are most suited for the perfect vape experience.

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