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  • Nicotine Shots 18mg - F&S

Nicotine Shots 18mg

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Type of Nicotine Shots: PG 18mg
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PG/VG ratios and Nicotine Strength

The ingredients of our Nicotine Shots (nic shots) are simply Nicotine in either Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) Base or a 50/50 mix of both. These only come in a 10ml bottle, in line with new UK laws and are 18mg/ml in strength.

Using the Nicotine Shot in 0mg premixed e liquids or a recipe made from flavour concentrates that contain a certain ratio of PG already, instantly gives you a smooth, vapeable liquid.

When attempting to make an e liquid base of a particular strength it is very important to work out nicotine levels as well as PG/VG ratios properly. If you have any doubts about these you can also try our Premixed Nicotine Bases which gives you the option of a wide variety of available ratios.

Dilution instructions

To use the Nicotine Shot simply add it to 50ml of 0mg e liquid which will give you 60ml of e liquid at 3mg strength.

If you prefer a higher nicotine ratio just add two 10 ml bottles of Nicotine Shot to 40ml of 0mg e liquid for 6 mg strength liquid giving you 60ml total e liquid.

Why choose Nicotine shots

With the new laws and regulations regarding the sale of e liquid and various vaping accessories in place since May 2017, it is likely that you have heard of, or at least be aware of, people turning to producing DIY e liquids. This is actually a very simple way to get around the restrictions regarding e liquid strength and bottle sizes.

Not only can you alter the strength of your liquids but you can also create any amount of flavours and recipes, with the only limitations being your own imagination and personal tastes!

By using flavours or a mix of flavours from our wide range of concentrates you can create your own 0mg recipe and add our Nicotine Shots to bring the mixture up to the required nicotine strength.

Production and Wholesale

We have been in the DIY e liquid business since 2012 when making your own DIY e liquid was not that common and supplies were very limited. There were a lot of changes in the market resulting in DIY products being more accessible and your own e liquid mixing becoming much easier due to the new product and packaging design developments.

The new Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD) set out standards for the safety and quality of e liquids and limited all nicotine containing liquid bottles to 10 ml size, which resulted in big changes for DIY e liquid makers. In response to that our company developed the nicotine shot which is a flavourless 18mg e liquid in a 10 ml bottle.

We have been working hard and listening to our customers in order to develop the latest F&S nicotine shots. Produced to our strict specification in labs of our partners, this product was tested in UK labs for nicotine dose, additives and emissions, and notified to MHRA.

Due to high-volume production abilities we can supply nicotine shots in bulk quantities to wholesale customers, re-sellers, vape shops and DIY e liquid makers. If you are looking to place an order or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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