Flavour Concentrates to Suit Every Taste

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If you have even the most passing familiarity with vaping and vape juice, you will be aware that e-liquids come in an astonishing number of flavours. A quick glance around your local vape shop or your favourite online vape store will show you a wide variety of e-liquid flavour concentrates to choose from – and that’s intentional. Rather than blinding potential customers with choice, the various vape brands are ensuring every prospective vaper can get a flavour that suits them.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the main flavour categories that concentrates fall into, along with some of the most popular products in those categories.


Some people use vaping as a way to cut back on harmful tobacco products, but they prefer that earthy smoky flavour to something sweet or fruity. Just as there are dozens of cigarette, cigar, and tobacco brands, so there are dozens of flavour concentrates that simulate them. Favourites include NJ Gold Blend from Nasty Juice, US Red Mix from Inawera concentrates, and RY4 Double Concentrate from The Flavor Apprentice.

Mint or menthol aromas

There’s a surprising range of menthol or mint flavour concentrates on the market, both as standalone flavours and combined with other flavour profiles. Many vapers enjoy the sharp freshness that they deliver with every draw. Popular products include Element Concentrates’ E-Frost Aroma and Peppermint 2 from TFA Flavour Concentrates.


Sweet vape flavours are nothing new. Sugary concentrates often have the broadest range, with all manner of desserts being replicated in vape form. Some of the biggest sellers in this category include Vanilla Custard and Cinnamon Danish Swirl from Capella, and Boom Berry Pie from Riot Squad.


Some of the first vape juices on the market were fruit-flavoured. These aromas and tastes were already well-conceived by the artificial flavourings industry, requiring just a few tweaks to be made into realistic tasting e-liquids. Their appeal continues to this day, with flavours like Fuji Apple, Strawberry, and Nectarine from Pacha Mama, Purple Rain from Dinner Lady, Bavarian Cream from The Flavor Apprentice, and Bad Blood from Nasty Juice being among our favourites.


And then we reach the drinks menu! Since much of the flavour of drinks are experienced through our olfactory system (the nose), it makes sense that drinks flavoured vapes should be so popular. These vape juices run the gamut from soft drinks like Element’s Pink Lemonade to flavours inspired by more adult drinks, like IVG Concentrates’ Lemon Lime Mojito.

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