How Do You Mix Aroma With A Base?

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Recently we talked about vaping an unflavoured e-liquid base made up of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), or a mix of both, with some nicotine salts added for that all-important kick. But what if a wide and redolent variety of aromas is more your thing?

While we have plenty of pre-mixed e-liquids ready for immediate purchase and use, we know many of our customers like to mix up their own concoctions. In this blog, we will tell you how to do it.

But first…

Why mix an aroma or flavour into your e-liquid bases?

There are several advantages to mixing your own juice. The main one is that you get to create a blend of flavours that you find enjoyable, carefully experimenting until you find a mix that works for you. It’s a fun and interesting process and a big part of the vaping experience for many.

The other big reason is one of cost. Buying a base and flavour concentrates to mix your own e-liquid can produce significant savings. The cost of 100ml of home-mixed e-liquid can be around the same as 10ml pre-mixed e-juice.

How to mix aroma with a base

Mixing your own aroma is easy. First, you choose your base, depending on what you want from the e-liquid. This can be 100% propylene glycol, 100% vegetable glycerine, or a mix of the two. Your ratio of PG and VG depends on the characteristics you want from your e-liquid. Generally, PG gives you more flavour and throat hit, while VG gives you more vapour. To your base, you add nic salts or nicotine shots to the strength that you prefer.

Aromas are added to the mix in the form of flavour concentrates and there are literally thousands of these on the market. These add scent and taste to your e-liquid mix and can be added in whatever combination or volume gets you the results you like.

For certain mixes, you may wish to include an additive to enhance the flavour profile. These include:

Malic Acid - Adds a sour/acidic flavour

Koolada - Adds a cooling element without a minty flavour

Sweetener - Adds sweetness

Vanilline - Enhances the flavours

Acetyl Pyrazine - Adds a smoky flavour that can resemble popcorn or toasted nuts

We suggest starting with around 12% aroma or concentrate and 3% additive (if required) and then adjusting accordingly. Depending on your preference, the flavour part of your e-liquid will usually account for around 5 to 20% of the total product.

Your new brew should not be used straight away. Give any combination of aromas a good 2-4 weeks or so to infuse into the mix. Once it has had time for the flavours to steep, decant it from the mixer bottle into smaller e-liquid bottles using a dropper or pipette, and store safely out of the reach of children.

Add your own aromas today

Here at the F&S DIY E-liquid, we stock everything you need to mix your own DIY e-liquids, including pre-mixed bases, nicotine shots and nic salts. We also have an extensive selection of e-liquid flavour concentrates available for immediate purchase from our online store. Buy online for fast delivery times, and get ready to mix your new favourite juice!