New Flavour Concentrates

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Adding flavour concentrates to your e-juice base is one of the best parts of vaping. You get to experiment with different combinations and amounts, creating brand new flavour concoctions in the process. You can even change the intensity of your e-liquid by choosing how long to let your new brew steep before using it.

With so many flavour concentrates available in our online store there is always an exciting new flavour to try.

Here are some of our favourites…

Hippie Trail by Nasty Juice

Despite the connotations of the name, this concentrate delivers a refreshing citrus hit of lime and lemon.

Vanilla Milkshake by IVG

If you prefer sweet over sour, then this traditional vanilla milkshake flavour could well hit the spot for you.

Bubba’s Pig Sap by Flavor West

If you’re not intrigued by the name, perhaps the flavour combination of apple, maple, and bacon will convince you to try this number.

Lime Flavour by Inawera

A clever mix of two of Inawera’s most popular tastes – cactus and lime – the flavours complement each other wonderfully, resulting in a sharp but smooth vaping experience.

Waffle flavour by Capella

Let every vape feel like breakfast with this sweet and sugary waffle flavoured concentrate.

Yam concentrate by TFA

The Flavor Apprentice brings the oddness once again with this final pick. While not for everyone, this yam concentrate has a subtlety to it that makes it great for producing interesting blends.

All the flavour concentrates listed above – and so many more – are available to buy immediately from our online store.