Decoded Flavour Shots

Decoded flavour shots are a range of e-liquid flavour concentrates designed and created by the multi-award winning Premium Liquid Labs, the company behind Dr Fog. Established in 2014 in British Columbia, Canada, their aim is to establish a range of innovative e-liquid recipes that help smokers make the switch to vaping. Decoded flavour shots are proving to be as popular as the other products in their range, allowing DIY e-liquid enthusiasts to create their own e-liquids using the highest quality flavours.

Decoded Flavours

The Decoded concentrates range consists of 6 great flavours, all of which are available to purchase at F&S Vape Shop. These flavours are:

Area 51: An exciting topical blend of juicy mangoes, fragrant lychees, and exotic papaya with a sweet-candy aftertaste.

Atlantis: A delicious mix of tropical pineapple and guava with an accent of blueberry.

Big Foot: If you're looking to add a sweet dessert flavour to your e-liquid blend, Big Foot combines freshly-baked doughnuts with white sugar crystals.

Davinci Code: Continuing the dessert theme, Davinci Code blends delicious Crème Brûlée flavours with caramelised pecans.

Loch Ness: A simple yet classic blend, Loch Ness combines peaches and cream with yoghurt.

Rongorongo: A refreshing mix of sweet strawberries, cucumber, and citrus combine for a unique flavour profile.

All Decoded flavour shots are available in 30ml bottles and are nicotine free. These concentrates are a DIY e-liquid ingredient and aren't designed to be vaped on their own. Concentrates should be mixed with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and nicotine as required. Decoded flavour concentrates are suspended in 100% PG. If you require a premixed base to combine with your concentrates, they can be purchased here.

Mixing e-liquids with Decoded flavour shots

It is recommended that Decoded flavour shots are mixed to 15-20% with a minimum steep time of 1-4 days. A longer steeping time will allow the flavours to develop more fully.

Buy Decoded flavour shots at F&S Vape Shop

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