Unflavoured Nicotine Base, E Liquid Flavour Concentrates UK

Dear Customer. We are a UK distributor of famous e-cig brands so we supply everything you need for your daily vaping needs. Refillable electronic cigarettes of various designs from slim automatic, to advanced mechanical mod e-cigs. All of our e-cigarettes can be refilled with e-cig liquid, also known as E-liquid in UK. We have a wide variety of E-liquids available in different flavours and strengths. And for those who likes to make their own E-juice, we supply unflavoured e liquid base with Nicotine or without, and e liquid flavour concentrates. With our flavor concentrates for e cig you will be able to produce your own unique e-liquid blends at home. Dare to experiment and explore the immense world of F&S flavours.

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Dear customer,

Most of our products contain Nicotine, which is highly addictive.

Our electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation or medical products. It may only be considered as an alternative to regular tobacco products. These products are designated for persons of at least 18 years old.

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